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Invite your friends and earn additional money for shopping at Luxsfery
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Exceptional opportunity

Share the information about Lux Profit Share with your friends – together increase your profits! From now on, you can make money not only on one-time referrals, but on every order made by the people you invite to Luxsfery.

What is so special about Lux Profit Share?

Your friends are excited about their new outfits, they don't have to waste their time for shopping, avoiding stress that usually goes with it, and what's so most important, they are happy, look good, and invite others to join your network. And you - you watch your earnings grow!

How does it work?

Invite your friends with your special reflink, which you will find in your account under Lux Profit Share.
For every registration coming from your reflink you will receive 20 PLN.
For every order placed by your friends you will receive 5% of its entire value.
There is more to it - if your friends invite other people, you will receive additonal 1% of their every purchase.

How much I can make?

Having approximately 15 friends, who will spend
around 2000 PLN, you'll make:
6300 PLN*
for shopping at Luxsfery

Calculate your earnings yourself

How many friends will you invite to LUXSFERY?
How much would they spend on shopping per year?
You will earn: * for shopping at LUXSFERY * earnings are calculated assuming that your friends will invite as many friends as you do
Your friends will make: for shopping at LUXSFERY

Any questions?

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